Greg Long                                                                    Master Carpenter

Greg started his career as a carpenter in Chicago working on such projects as the Wrigley mansion historic renovation, restaurant interiors, and an art gallery. He also designed and renovated an old warehouse into a performance theatre still active today. He was heavily involved in salvage and restoration work in the Gold Coast and lakefront area. After moving to Michigan, Greg continued his carpentry business with many local retailers including Selo/Shevel, Sixteen Hands, Middle Earth, and Red Hot Lovers. His first green building project in the early 80's involved timber framing and structural insulated panels (SIPs). After completing several houses and additions employing SIPS and insulated concrete forms, Greg is well seasoned in the application of these green technologies.

Mary Jane O’Brien                                                         Project Manager

MJ O'Brien is new to the organization and brings 20 years of DIY, design, creativity, green research, marketing and business skills to the organization. Hands-on in all aspects of the business, she is apprenticing under Greg's skillful and knowledgeable supervision. As Project Coordinator, she will work through all the details with you.

    carpenterguy has been in business in the Ann Arbor area for over 20 years. Greg Long, a Master Carpenter and licensed builder has helped hundreds of clients, residential and commercial, with remodelling, fine carpentry, plumbing, electrical, decks, additions and new construction. With a host of local expert subcontractors, Greg can assist you in any part of your project, large or small. Always happy to assist you, Greg is ready with a host of supplies and equipment. "Better to prepare than to lament!"

    As a green remodelling company, Greg and MJ have adopted a system that is not only Energy Wise, but Eco Smart. Using Structural Insulated Panels for walls and roofing and Insulated Concrete Forms for foundations, these site adaptable products reduce setup and labor costs as well as wood and concrete consumption. This in turn provides greater insulative effect that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. Check out what we use for more details on these alternative products.

    carpenterguy not only offers in-depth research and sourcing to find the best products for each project, but will work with you extensively to achieve your goals. With proper materials and meticulous installation, carpenterguy delivers high quality outcomes at reasonable prices.